Modernize your cabin in minimal downtime

INAIRVATION offers smart cabin upgrades, pre-engineered for quick installation during heavy maintenance checks. Add real value to your aircraft by replacing your existing CMS/IFE with a complete nice HD system, all beautifully integrated with new ergonomic sideledges and modification kits.

HD Entertainment

HD infotainment

Only INAIRVATION offers retrofitting with Lufthansa Technik’s cutting-edge ‘nice HD’ cabin management and in-flight entertainment system.

Exclusive Customization

Exclusive customization

Heated stone flooring in an airplane? Yes, we can do that – and much more. Our close link to F/LIST, a global leader for exclusive interiors, enables unprecedented levels of customization.

Quality Craftmanship

Quality craftsmanship

As our name suggests, we put a premium on innovation. But this never comes at the expense of quality. From the initial design to our choice of materials, our high-end jet cabins offer unsurpassed craftsmanship and ingenuity.


Working together for excellence

INAIRVATION has a global network of world-class partners to guarantee the best possible retrofit of your aircraft. Contact us for more information.