Integrated cabin innovation

Solutions for OEMs

Working with business jet OEMs and its own partners INAIRVATION creates integrated cabin products ranging from smart furniture to individual zones to fully integrated cabins for new aircraft types.



Where luxury, functionality and style meet

Business and VIP air travel should provide the highest standards in comfort and style. We work with some of the best designers in the world, allowing unparalleled creative input and variation. Our common goal is to create the aircraft interiors of the future today.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the finest selection of materials and technology available. Combining impressive functionality built to aerospace-quality specifications, you will find no better cabin retrofit for your aircraft.




We are the leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft, from commercial to VIP and special mission aircraft. Holding international licenses for maintenance, design and production, we provide tailored maintenance programs, modification, completion and conversion as well as innovative cabin products, material pooling or engine services. We even supply you with digital fleet support.



F/LIST is a worldwide luxury interior brand. We are a family-run business, driven by the vision to handcraft the future of interiors. F/LIST evolved from a traditional small carpentry shop to become a global player in custom-made high-end furnishings in residences, such as villas, apartments, and hotels, and is recognized as a high-profile brand in the international business and private aerospace sector. F/LIST continues to strive for the same excellence that originated with founder Franz List.


Quality cabin management and entertainment systems

Advanced Technology by Lufthansa Technik

For the past 20 years we have been designing, developing, and delivering high-quality cabin management and entertainment systems to the VIP and business jet market. Our flying systems exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of design, video and audio quality, user interface, and reliability.

  • 1500 »nice« systems are flying, exceeding our customer’ expectations

  • Easy to use, install and maintain

  • Light-weight and flexible

  • Highly configurable, customizable and flexible integrated network

  • Interoperable with portable consumer devices, such as smart phones and tablets

Advanced Technology

Quality Craftsmanship

High-cabin Interior by F/LIST

As our name suggests, we put a premium on innovation. But this never comes at the expense of quality. From the initial design to our choice of materials, our high-end cabins offer unsurpassed craftsmanship and ingenuity. Wood, stone and metal – large-scale elements milled from solid materials or as light as a feather – we are your partner for unique design solutions. We process leather, fabrics or carbon fibers, as well as a wide range of sustainable and recycled materials, some of which are waste materials from our production floor. Fully integrated cabin interiors, customized one-off or transport interiors

  • Research & development

  • Industrial design & decorative material selection support

  • Project & program management

  • Engineering, qualification & certification support

  • Inhouse production & product support

  • Lightweight composite components

Exclusive Customization

Integrated Cabin Innovation by INAIRVATION

Whatever our clients have in mind – we make it possible. We are your partner for extraordinary design solutions.

Exclusive Customization


  • Seamless integration of interior & electronics

  • Seamless integration and consistent design

  • Weight and space saving potential

  • Reduced complexity and fewer parts

  • Preventing cooling and component integration issues

  • Streamlined development with fewer iteration loops

  • Cost advantages

Our joint Sustainability Initiatives

One of Austria’s largest PV power plants

River cooling for machines

Climate action goals, dedicated measures and transparent reporting

District & wood heating from renewable energy sources

Low-energy nitrotherm nitrogen painting system

Circular economy

sustainable decorative materials

90% LED lighting

E-Forklifts, E-Company cars, E-Charging stations

CO2 compensation

Innovative technologies: AeroSHARK



Working with only the best

Our partners share the same deep commitment to quality. We have a global support network providing best-in-class business jet completions and products, ensuring you’ll receive innovative and dependable service. Contact us for more information.