INAIRVATION’S new CEO focuses on new strategic approach towards Integrated Cabin Innovation

Ulrich Gehling assumed the position of CEO of INAIRVATION in August. He is an aviation professional with decades of front line experience in the aircraft industry. His impressive track record includes executive positions at Pilatus Aircraft, Grob Aerospace, RUAG Aviation and others. With his wealth of experience in business aviation he will lead INAIRVATION into a new future. "I am excited about the potential of integrated cabin innovation. The fusion of F/LIST high end aircraft furniture with Lufthansa Technik's state of the art cabin technology is just a perfect strategic fit. This joint venture provides a unique opportunity taking integrated VIP aircraft cabin design to the next level of passenger comfort." Gehling says.

The seasoned aerospace professional launches a new strategic line of business with dedicated "innovation sprints": Through thorough analysis, specific "pain points" of an aircraft cabin's various stakeholders such as the aircraft OEM or completion center, the principal as well as the operator and air crew are identified. Then, involving all stakeholders' input, INAIRVATION will provide tailored, integrated solutions to aircraft OEMs, completion centers and MRO facilities.

Essentially, INAIRVATION acts as a know-how pool and innovation agent for its parent companies F/LIST and Lufthansa Technik. The goal is to develop integrated interior solutions which solve specific issues efficiently and swiftly and thus generate significant competitive advantages for the customers. These integrated solutions will focus on very specific issues as well as areas of general improvement potential. Based on the customers' needs, INAIRVATION will supply tailored one off solutions as well as complete integrated aircraft cabins for new aircraft production.

"The new INAIRVATION approach employs Agile and Scrum methods to generate quick and efficient results to maximize customer benefit. Focused "innovation sprints" are performed by INAIRVATION with the participation of the customer, other stakeholders and a dedicated team of specialists out of the INAIRVATION network with the aim of generating solutions rapidly," Gehling explains. INAIRVATION and its customers are able to take full advantage of the wealth of know-how and resources of the parent companies F/LIST and Lufthansa Technik as well as from a wide network of partners within the aerospace industry, including specialists for state of the art LED lighting, appliances, industrial design and systems integration.