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Solutions for OEMs

Working with business jet OEM‘s and its own partners INAIRVATION creates integrated cabin products ranging from smart furniture to individual zones to fully integrated cabins for new aircraft types. We‘re applying a stepped approach from ideation to concept evaluation, design, manufacturing all the way to delivering the finished product to the production line.

Co-innovation sprints

Throughout 10 weeks of business development, together with OEMs we will be analyzing customers pains to identify the right offering towards a successful business case. The 10 weeks process includes 5 important milestones as follow:

  1. Setup

    During this phase we need to identify the future picture of the product. We need to identify a project focus linked to a trend and customers' pains. Then we will set up the team with the right expertise to carry on with the sprint.
  2. Discover

    This phase concerns of detailed analysis of customers' business and market dynamics in order to identify a promising starting point for ideation.
  3. Design

    During this phase we will be designing new / improved products and services as problem-solution fits.
  4. Validate

    This phase consists of running experiments ( e.g experts interviews, prototyping, customer interaction, mockups ) to further explore and validate key hypotheses and to implement the first product / service.
  5. Decide

    This is the final step where we need to integrate the results and learning from the previous phases and present everything to the sponsor.
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A joint venture from Lufthansa Technik and F/LIST

INAIRVATION combines Lufthansa Technik’s expertise in premium aircraft cabin conversions and in-flight entertainment systems with F/LIST’s manufacturing process in high-end interiors for business jets, luxury yachts, cruise ships and private residences.

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