The next generation in aircraft seating

Business air travel should provide the highest levels of comfort and style. But for years, jet cabin furnishings have failed to keep pace with passenger demands. Those days are gone. Now, thanks to the innovative CHAIR system, designers are able to create the kind of aircraft interiors special guests deserve.

Forging a relationship with designers

Designers can often be left in the lurch when it comes to aircraft seating. Manufacturers fail to offer even general support, and it can be difficult to obtain the information necessary for the design process.

INAIRVATION is revolutionizing the relationship between the two sides by giving designers the tools they need to innovate, providing detailed technical information, extensive engineering support and a web-based seat configurator.

A designer information package has technical drawings, templates and best practices for the entire CHAIR line. The ultimate aim is to facilitate the development of sleek, modern and innovative aircraft seating.

chair seat configurator preview
Web based seat configurator


Building upon quality

Our free seat configurator allows designers to customize a basic seat frame according to variables such as seat width, height, armrest style and number of ribs. Different seating scenarios can be worked through quickly and efficiently too, such as lounges, dining areas, boardroom tables and office space.

All CHAIR variations are derived from the same base frame and so require only a single aviation certification. Creativity is boosted. Time and money are saved.

Inspiring innovation

Designers can develop a completely original CHAIR by building upon the basic seat skeleton. There are three pre-configurations to use for inspiration – Lounge CHAIR, Club CHAIR and Office CHAIR – with the ability to combine elements from all three. Of course, armrests, leg rests and other details can be tailored to a customer’s individual requirements.

Aircraft Club chair Sketch
design by Michael Reichenecker for Lufthansa Technik Creative Design


The Club CHAIR pre-configuration is perfect for cozier seating arrangements. It has taller seat height and no leg rest, providing designers with greater cabin layout flexibility.

Aircraft Office chair Sketch
design by Michael Reichenecker for Lufthansa Technik Creative Design

Office CHAIR

The Office CHAIR is great for desks and dining settings. With increased height and smaller backrest width, it’s a comfortable yet space-saving option.

Aircraft Lounge chair Sketch
design by Michael Reichenecker for Lufthansa Technik Creative Design

Lounge CHAIR

The Lounge CHAIR option comes with key data such as leg rest articulation and rotation specifications. There is also structural definition drawing and basic information such as the minimum upholstery requirements.

Developed with designers in mind

Originally conceived by Lufthansa Technik in cooperation with Pierrejean Design Studio, CHAIR was developed with designers in mind from the very beginning.

So INAIRVATION naturally welcomes designer input and makes a team of engineers and production specialists available for consultation and collaboration throughout the design process.

This creative freedom enables countless possibilities for cabin layouts. Whether it’s a conference table for a narrow-bodied jet or a seat that sways back and forth like a rocking chair, the modularity and adaptability of CHAIR opens up a whole new world of interior options.

Innovation made easy

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