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CHAIR concept by Studio F. A. Porsche

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Studio F. A. Porsche is world renowned for its innovative and iconic design.

Sharing INAIRVATION’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship at the highest levels, the design studio agreed to create a distinctive CHAIR concept and matching aircraft cabin. The collaboration produced a VIP jet interior carrying an unmistakable signature: sleek, powerful and with a clear affinity to technology. It also demonstrates what a confident design house with its own strong DNA can achieve with the CHAIR modular seating system.


When INAIRVATION put out a call for CHAIR design studies, the goal was to demonstrate the versatility and advantages of its novel platform for aircraft seating to designers and customers alike.

With ambitions to expand its reach into VIP and business jet interiors, Studio F. A. Porsche quickly recognized the mutually beneficial potential of the project.

A team lead by senior designers Daniel Bründl and Roland Reitenbach spent several months drafting a complete cabin concept centered on three distinct CHAIR versions. Their efforts led to a design study that is streamlined yet elegant, as well as unmistakably modern but still timeless.

Shared Values

The partnership between INAIRVATION and Studio F. A. Porsche is based on a shared set of core values.

Both are committed to quality craftsmanship combined with technological knowhow and engineering excellence.

So neither side hesitated when the opportunity to work together to show the full promise of the CHAIR concept presented itself.

Firmly founded upon its proud automotive heritage, Studio F. A. Porsche has developed its own instantly recognizable design language over the years. There is a purity and passion behind every object the firm creates. Taking clues from high-performance sports car seats, the designers created a CHAIR family radiating style and structural clarity.

Chair Concept Cabin Sketch


While researching the assignment, the designers found that most VIP aircraft interiors traditionally have focused on opulence and bulky seating options – essentially the antithesis of the Studio F. A. Porsche design aesthetic. So they began by completely reimagining the inside of jet cabin as a light and connected space flowing between areas for work, meetings and relaxation.

For its three CHAIR iterations, the team took inspiration from both sleek lounge furniture and, of course, high-performance bucket car seats. Though each version serves a different function onboard the aircraft, they all clearly belong to one family of furniture.

As with all of its products, Studio F. A. Porsche’s cabin concept targets a clear demographic: people appreciating quality engineering and clean design offering luxury that is dynamic and elegant rather than opulent and overloaded.

These confident customers might be self-made business jet owners. They have their own definition of premium and consider it part of a lifestyle rather than an accessory.

Chair Seat Cocoa Brown Leather
Leather: Cocoa Brown
Shell: Carrera GT Silver
Chair Seat Achat Grey Leather
Leather: Achat Grey
Shell: Satin Anthracite

The design uses modern materials like titanium and carbon fiber, as well as a palette of Porsche-appropriate colors like macadamia and Carrera GT silver.

Aircraft Interior Cabin Sketch
Aircraft seat design by Studio F. A. Porsche

The Solution

Horizontal lines harmoniously link the modular seats created with the CHAIR configurator specifically for work, meeting or relaxation functionality. An emphasis on simple and iconic style means the various models appear to differ only according to head, arm and footrest components.

“Floating elements” incorporated throughout the cabin and into each individual CHAIR version connect the concept’s “visual lightness” and flow. The cabin employs furniture such as raised sideboards to mirror both the seats and tie the three sections together. Layering on the walls offers indirect lighting possibilities, making the aircraft appear more spacious overall.

“This is about conveying emotions through functionality and design in its purest form.”

Managing Director Studio F. A. Porsche Roland Heiler

G550 Floorplan from a sideview

Floor Plan

Studio F. A. Porsche’s floor plan flows easily between dedicated spaces for work, meetings and relaxation. The open cockpit design brings the flying experience closer to the passengers – exactly the kind of feeling Porsche drivers would want.

CHAIR concept by Studio F. A. Porsche cabin G550 view
CHAIR Studio F. A. Porsche design concept cabin
Aircraft design cabin interior
aircraft lounge seat design concept G550 interior
aircraft office seat design concept G550 interior

The Result

The Studio F. A. Porsche concept shows the true potential of the CHAIR platform – iconic design combined with the highest levels of craftsmanship and individuality.

“The unique INAIRVATION CHAIR concept enabled us to create an iconic design for the aircraft seats. To deliver a holistic experience, we additionally designed the complete aircraft interior to evoke a perception of visual lightness in a compact space. The result unmistakably carries the signature of Studio F. A. Porsche.”

Roland Heiler,
Managing Director of Studio F. A. Porsche

“Studio F. A. Porsche’s ideas are the visualization of what we had in mind with CHAIR: absolute freedom for interior designers when it comes to appearance, materials, geometry and space utilization”

Werner Kartner,



Why CHAIR is better for everyone

For owners

Exclusive customization means that owners can adapt the cabin layout to perfectly suit their tastes and needs.

For designers

Industrial designers are granted the freedom to customize, configure and create a variety of unique aircraft seating with a single certification.

For completion centers

A synthesis of precision engineering, quality manufacturing and top design, CHAIR is a product meeting only the highest standards.